Magic Wand

May 15, 2013

To make a magic wand, I roughly sketched a star on a piece of cardboard.  I also gathered, a pair of wooden chopsticks, tinfoil, a pipe cleaner (chenille stem), ribbon, yarn, glue and an elastic band.

I cut out the star and covered it with tinfoil.


I wrapped the chopsticks with the pipe cleaner.  I left a quarter inch uncovered on the tip where the chopsticks are not connected.

I wrapped the top with ribbon and tied an elastic band around the center to keep it in place. 

I folded the top of the ribbon over the rubber band to expose the opening of the chopsticks. 

I slid the tinfoil covered star through the slit of the chopstick and placed a dab of glue to keep it in place.

I tied some yarn underneath the star to make a bow.   All of this is optional and there are limitless variations to this project.  I think that just a plain pair of chopsticks and a star would make a very pretty wand.  

I want to keep pretend play open and simple simple for my daughter.  I was able to make this magic wand pretty quickly since I had most of the materials in my kitchen. There is research pointing to the connection between pretend play and the ability to get along socially with others.  Although there are numerous benefits to pretend play, I see how natural it is and how my daughter loves to engage in it.  


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