Marbleized Paper Hearts

Feb 11, 2013

To make marbleized paper hearts, I cut hearts out of thick watercolor paper.


My daughter poured about a tablespoon of cooking oil into three small bowls.  We used olive oil, but any type of oil would work.


Next, we put some children's paint in each bowl.  Since we are making Valentine's Day hearts, we used red, white and pink paint.  But, you could use any color combination!


Sophia mixed the oil and paint together with a metal chopstick.


We prepared our work station by pouring some water into a baking tray.


My daughter poured the three oil/paint solutions into the water tray.


Sophia submerged the paper hearts in the mixture.  She used her hands, but you could use tongs.


We dried the hearts on a metal rack.


We repeated the process for all the paper hearts.


This is what the marbleized paper heart looks like after it's dried- approximately, a day later.


We weren't sure what we would do with all of the hearts.  


I got out some twine and made a laundry line for Sophia to hang the hearts on.


Although she found it tricky to manipulate the clothes-pins to hang the paper hearts, Sophia enjoyed the process. Creating a marbleized effect was an incredible sensory experience.  We look forward to trying this process again using an egg shape with multiple colors for Easter! 


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