Heart Hopscotch

Feb 3, 2013

To make hopscotch hearts, I gathered a piece of card stock (thick paper) and felt.  I folded the card stock in half and cut out a heart shape.  I drew half a heart on one side of the card stock before cutting.  Once I had my desired heart shape, I used it as a template.  I traced around the edge of the heart using a piece of chalk. Then, I cut out my felt heart shape. 


I repeated the process for the other felt heart shapes.  I created eight hopscotch hearts.


I arranged the felt hearts to resemble a hopscotch board.  The felt hearts slip on wooden surfaces, so we played on a rug.  The simple game of hopscotch has so many benefits.  Hopscotch not only develops balance and strength, the ability to hop on one foot increases physical coordination and cognitive development.  And, what a great way for Sophia to move indoors when it's cold outside!  I think it would be fun to make other shapes as well!  


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