Scent Cups

Jan 31, 2013

To make scent cups, we collected eight cups- 4 each of two different colors, some tin foil, rubber bands and a fork.


I gathered cinnamon sticks, star anise as well as fresh lemon and lime slices.



Since we were creating a scent matching game, my daughter and I placed the same item in both a green and pink cup.


I covered each cup with a square of tinfoil and wrapped a rubber band around the cup to keep the foil in place.


Sophia used a fork to poke holes in the foil.


We repeated the process for all of the cups.


My daughter had fun trying to match the scents.  Once she successfully matched the green and pink cups, she ripped off the foil and wanted to make more.  We had fun searching around the kitchen for materials to make more scent cups.


Since smell and memory are so closely linked, I hope that all of these scent matching games leave a lasting impression in Sophia's mind of all of the wonderful projects we did together.  


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