Sensory Balloons

Jan 27, 2013

To make a set of sensory balloons, gather an even amount of balloons in two different colors and elastic or rubber bands for each balloon.  We used four dark blue balloons and four light blue balloons. 


Next, gather ingredients to fill your balloons.  We used cornstarch, lentils, sugar and rice.


Using a funnel, fill the balloon until the round part is full without filling the neck of the balloon.


Fill each balloon with a different ingredient.


Next, fill the other balloons so that there is a pair of differently colored balloons with the same ingredient. Then, use an elastic or rubber band to seal the balloons.


Sophia enjoyed using her senses to match the balloons filled with the same substance.  She ended up playing with them in many different ways and for many days to follow.  She stacked them, made designs with them and practiced throwing them.  She also enjoyed poking, pinching and squishing them as well as rolling them around. Her favorite ingredient by far was the cornstarch.  It had such an interesting texture and held its shape when it was manipulated.


In the end, Sophia decided to "bake" with all of the left over ingredients!  It was definitely messy fun!


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