Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Dec 23, 2012

To make coffee filter snowflakes, gather some coffee filters, colorful markers, a pair of scissors, paper towels and a water spray bottle.  I added myrrh essential oil to the water in the spray bottle since it has a deeply meditative and centering aroma. Using an essential oil is completely optional. We did this project on an old cookie tray.  A baking sheet would work as well.


My daughter started drawing on a coffee filter with the markers.


I placed the coffee filter on a layer of paper towels. Sophia used the spray bottle to squirt water all over her soon to be snowflake. She enjoyed watching the colors blending and slowly being absorbed by the paper towel.

My daughter loves any type of water play and this activity has the added bonus of developing fine motor strength. There are over twenty-five muscles in your forearm and hand.  Manipulating a spray bottle requires the refined movements of the thumb and fingers and helps to develop hand control as well as grip strength.


After the coffee filter had dried, I folded it in half.


I folded it again to make quarters.


I folded the coffee filter one last time to make a 1/8 wedge.  I drew lines where 'A', 'B' and 'C' are marked and had Sophia cut along the lines by herself.  I cut out 'D' and 'E' on my own.  I vary the sizes and spacing for 'D' and 'E' so that the snowflakes come out a bit differently each time.  


Here is what the cut snowflake looks like still folded.


Here is the snowflake opened up.


We repeated this process to make more snowflakes.


I used double-sided tape to hang our snowflakes on the window.  We love our homemade winter wonderland! Now, we are hoping for some of the real stuff! 


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