Egg Carton Jingle Bells

Dec 19, 2012

The only thing that you will most likely have to purchase to make jingle bells out of an egg carton are some bells. They come in all sizes, but we happened to have small bells on hand.


A paper-based egg carton will work best for this project.


You will only need the cups from the egg carton.  I pulled off the the top and sides by hand.  Then, I trimmed the center sections with a pair of scissors until they were uniform height with the rest of the carton.


I cut out the egg cups.


I trimmed the sides so they were flush.  They will be curved after you cut them.


I repeated the process for all twelve egg cups.


I painted the insides with a gold acrylic.  This step is optional.


My daughter had so much fun painting the outsides of each egg cup with non-toxic children's paint.


While Sophia was painting, I strung three small bells on each pipe cleaner (chenille stick).  If I had larger bells, I would have only used one.


I poked two holes on the bottom of each egg cup with a knife.


I pulled one end of the piper cleaner through each hole.


I pulled the pipe cleaner until the bells were flush against the inside of the egg cup.  Then, I twisted the pipe cleaner so it would stay in place.


Then, I twisted the tops of the pipe cleaners to make a handle.


This is the finished product.


We made twelve jingle bells.  This is a really fun family project for anytime of the year! The bells make such a beautiful sound when they are rattled.  My daughter loves to dance with them.  


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