Salt Dough Story Magnets

Dec 8, 2012

Although creating salt dough story magnets has to be done in stages, they are very simple to make.  Gather salt, flour and water.  The salt will help to preserve the story magnets.


In an mixing bowl combine 2 cups of all purpose flour with 1/2 a cup of salt.  Slowly stir in 3/4 cup of water with a spoon.  You can easily add more by doubling all of the ingredients.


Once the mixture becomes to stiff to mix with the spoon, mix the rest by hand.  My daughter loved this part!


Once all of the ingredients are mixed well, kneed the dough with your hands until it is soft and pliable.


Roll the dough out on a lightly floured surface.


Select your cookie cutters and cut out your story magnet shapes.


Repeat for all of your shapes.  Sophia also made a few by hand.  Her favorite shape was a cookie that she made with her cup.


Place the salt dough shapes on a baking tray lined with wax paper.  We let ours sit overnight,but you could bake the salt dough shapes at 350 degrees for an hour to let them dry more quickly.  If you let the salt dough air dry, they will stay a whitish color.  If you bake them, they will turn brownish in color.


Since Christmas is less than a month away we decided to make a few salt dough ornaments as well.  We used a chopstick to make a hole to hang the ornament when it is dried.


When the salt dough shapes completely dried, I hot glued a strip of flexible magnetic tape to the flat side.


My daughter painted the shapes.  At this point the story magnets were ready, but we wanted to jazz them up.


I added about a teaspoon of water to a tablespoon of glue and Sophia painted the salt dough magnets and added homemade salt glitter and sequins.  I sprayed a non-toxic sealer over the story magnets to  keep the glitter and sequins from falling off.


Sophia had so much fun creating stories.  The giant cookie was the focal point in all of her stories.  She used her pom pom magnets as background for her story magnets. Storytelling is so important for children.  Through creating stories, children are able to stimulate their imaginations as well as develop their oral language ability.  


We love how the salt dough ornaments look on the tree.  My daughter wants to give one to her Nana for Christmas.  


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