Salt Glitter

Dec 8, 2012

To make salt glitter, gather some salt (sugar would also work!) and some liquid food coloring.  If you want add a little shimmer to your glitter, you can use luster dust.


I wanted to use a salt shaker to hold the glitter, so I used the container to measure the amount of salt needed. The container held approximately one cup.


I poured the salt into a resealable plastic bag and added a generous amount of food coloring.  For this particular bag, my daughter mixed blue and yellow food coloring to make green.


I rolled the bag to get all of the air out and then sealed it.  Sophia loves shaking the bags.  Once she was finished, I rubbed the bag between my hands to spread the coloring more evenly.


We added about a teaspoon of gold luster dust to the yellow, orange and red.  Adding the luster dust is completely optional.  Luster dust is non-toxic and can be found in the baking section of most specialty stores.


We added silver luster dust to the green and blue.


We made five colors.  We wanted to make purple, but when we mixed the blue and red it turned out to be brown in color.  I think this happened because we used a generic brand of food coloring.  We will stick to a name brand next time!


We let the food coloring dry overnight, but you can bake it at 350 degrees for 15 minutes to remove the moisture more quickly.  


Once it was dry, I poured the glitter into salt shakers.


I repeated the process for all five colors.


I mixed about a tablespoon of glue with a teaspoon of water.  


My daughter painted the glue on construction paper.


She sprinkled blue salt glitter on blue paper.  She said it was the ocean.


Then she sprinkled blue glitter on red paper.


Sophia got out some white paper and poured generous amounts of salt glitter all over the page.  She loved the rainbow effect.


She repeated this process on red paper.  The colors look so vibrant!  I love that this salt glitter is completely non-toxic.  We have used this glitter in many projects.  To keep it from falling all over the floor, I spray a non-toxic sealer over the glitter.


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