Pom Pom Ornaments

Nov 30, 2012

We used 1/2 inch craft pom poms in assorted colors to make these beautiful and simple ornaments.


Since I wanted to focus on color recognition, counting and sorting during this activity, I had my daughter sort the pom poms by color.


I removed the crowns from six clear glass balls.  I was careful to inspect the lip of each opening since a couple of balls had jagged glass.


I placed the glass balls upright in a muffin tin. I had Sophia push each pom pom through the openings. I also asked her count the pom poms as she pushed them through. Counting required her to concentrate and focus. Afterwards, we talked about which balls had more pom poms and which had less.


I placed the crowns back on each of the glass balls and tied a thin ribbon to hang them.


Making these simple, but colorful ornaments was a very fun and enriching tactile experience for Sophia.  This activity was also great for helping her to develop her hand-eye coordination.  Even though we took this photo outside, they look absolutely beautiful indoors on the tree!


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