Marble Paint Ornaments

Nov 30, 2012

To make a marble ornament, gather glass balls and children's non-toxic paint.  Since I wanted my daughter to see how colors blend to create new colors, I used primary colors.


I removed the crowns from the glass balls and placed a small piece of clear tape over the holes to prevent the paint from leaking out.


I poured a generous amount of the lighter color in to the ball.


Then I added the second color.



I placed the crown on the glass ball and gave it to Sophia to start swirling around.  When it seemed like the paint would not coat certain spots, I had my daughter gently tap that particular empty spot with her hand.  This technique helped to coat the entire glass ball. Sophia loved watching the colors blend to create a new color.


Once it was completely coated, I removed the crown again and placed the glass ball upside down on a paper towel so that the excess paint could drain out.  Then, I placed the glass balls uncovered in a muffin tray overnight so the paint could dry.


Once the balls were dried, I placed the crowns back on, removed the clear tape and tied a thin ribbon to hang them. The marble effect is gorgeous! Sophia and I placed them in boxes to give out for Christmas presents. Not only did Sophia learn about color blending and complimentary colors while creating these lovely marble paint ornaments; she learned that a homemade gifts are very meaningful presents.


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