Zen Garden

Oct 26, 2012

To create a miniature Japanese Zen garden, Sophia and I poured sand into a 41 quart clear plastic storage container.  We collected shells, rocks and a wooden comb.


The comb creates beautiful designs.  My daughter loves combing the sand.


Sophia used a clam shell as a shovel.


She stacked rocks and shells to create sculptures in the sand.


What a lovely shell flower!


Sophia loved how the small baby shell nestled perfectly on the large mommy shell.  She made up such lovely stories while playing in her Zen Garden.  Playing with sand is very relaxing and is a wonderful sensory experience.  Creating an indoor sand Zen Garden is perfect when the weather is too cold to play on the beach. This Zen Garden is small enough for our apartment.  We put the container holding the Zen Garden on my daughter's small table and place a drop cloth underneath to catch any sand that "jumps" out of the bin.  When the Zen Garden is not being used, we secure the lid on it and store it away.  


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