Upcycled Kite

June 20, 2012

It has been a windy spring and we have enjoyed watching people fly kites at the park.  We thought it would be fun to upcycle a paper bag to make a kite.  Out of one paper bag, I was able to make a few kites.  If you don't happen to have a paper bag on hand, you could recycle some of your children's artwork.  My daughter loves to draw on construction paper and we have a pile of her creations.  We found that construction paper also makes an excellent kite.  Actually, you can use any type of paper to make this easy kite!

To make a kite, you will need an 8" x 11" piece of paper, tape (both clear and masking tape work), string (we used twine), a straw or a wooden chopstick, scissors, a hole puncher, and something for a tail.  We have used crepe paper streamers and ribbons before. A tail is optional, the kite will still fly without one.  A tail just adds visiual interest.


First, measure and cut out an 8" x 11" rectangle.


Decorate the paper. 


Fold your paper in half widthwise.  Place the folded paper with the crease close to your body and the opening away from your body.


Draw or imagine a diagonal line running one inch from the bottom left corner to approximately one inch from the top right.


Fold the paper diagonally up and away from your body.


Flip the kite around so that the opening is facing your body.


Fold back the top. 


Place a piece of tape down the middle of the kite.


The top will look like this.


If you turn your kite over, it will look like this.


Place a piece of masking tape approximately 1/3 of the way down from where the wings are widest.  Then, punch a hole over the tape about half way from fold and the wing.


Knot some twine, string or yarn through the hole.


Cut slits on both sides of a small rectangular piece of cardboard to make a bridle.  


Wrap the the other end of the twine around the cardboard bridle.


Tape a straw to the top of the kite where the wings are widest.  At this point, you can also add your tail. Ours was long!


Here is what the kite looks like from the bottom.


After a little help, my three year old was able to fly this kite by herself.  She just started running with the kite in her hand and eventually let go of the kite and held onto the cardboard bridle.  After a while, she discovered that she had to run with the wind and not against it.  What a great way to explore nature as well as get in some exercise!


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