Sidewalk Paint

June 20, 2012

To make sidewalk paint, mix eqaul amounts of cornstarch and water.  I mixed a cup of each in a mason jar.


I poured the mixture into a silicone mold. A muffin tin or small plastic cups would work as well.


I added a tablespoon of children's washable paint to each muffin cavity to create six colors. My daughter helped by stirring the mixture.


We gathered some paint brushes, water, paper towels and the sidewalk paint and headed outside.


If the mixtures begins to separate, just mix it up again.  


This is what the sidewalk paint looks like once you first paint with it.  The colors are very light.


Once the paint dries, the colors really pop.


We painted a hopscotch board.


Since it was Mother's Day the following day, Sophia wanted me to paint a messge to her Nana.  She also painted a giant sun and other lovely abstract art.  My daughter loved creating art outdoors and she had so much space to paint. I was fascinated by how she used such large arm strokes.  Three days later it rained and the paint washed away without a trace. 


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