Rainbow Water Xylophone

June 19, 2012

To make a rainbow water xylophone, gather six glass cups, food coloring and a measuring cup.


Since I wanted to include measuring in this activity,  I had my daughter pour half a cup of water in the first glass and increase the amount of water by half a cup for every other glass. Measuring out the water is not necessary. Simply adding a little more water to each cup as you go along will work as well.


I also wanted Sophia to observe how colors blend, so we started with the primary colors.  


She added a few drops of food coloring and watched the food coloring diffuse.


Then, she combined yellow and red to make orange, yellow and blue to make green and red and blue to make purple.  


We used a wooden chopstick as our mallet.  We were delighted when we figured out how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.



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