Rock Letters

June 19, 2012

To make rock letters, I gathered twenty-six rocks, a black waterproof marker, washable tempura paints, and a non-toxic spray sealer.  We used rocks of all shapes, sizes and textures.  


I drew bubble letters on each of the rocks using a waterproof marker.


I chose four different paint colors for the letters.  I painted all of the vowels red and the other letters I painted blue, green and yellow.


I had to add a few layers of paint to each of the rock letters.


I used cotton swabs to decorate the perimeter of each rock in gold acrylic paint.


Once the paint dried, I sprayed two coats of non-toxic sealer over the fronts of the rock letters.


My daughter had fun arranging the letters while singing the alphabet song.  We also played a simple game where I made a letter sound while she tried to identify the corresponding letter symbol.


Sophia also enjoyed sorting the letters by color.


At this point, I introduced vowels.


We made simple three letter words.  I made the letter sound while Sophia identified the letter symbol and placed the letters in order.  We talked about the vowels "gluing" the other two letters together.  Then, we changed the first letter to make a new word.  We repeated this process a few times before my daughter started inventing her own words.


While I painted letters, Sophia did her own rock painting.  Once she finished her creations and the paint had dried, I sprayed them with a non-toxic sealer. She gave her father this gorgeous rock for Father's Day. My husband proudly displays this on his desk.


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