Lacing Cards

June 13, 2012

My grandmother gave me some of her favorite cards from this past Christmas and asked me if  I could repurpose them.  I thought that some of them would make lovely lacing cards. You can also make lacing cards out of magazine pictures, photographs, clip art and drawings.

To make lacing cards, collect your pictures, a thin piece of cardboard, Modpodge, a pair of scissors, a hole puncher and shoe laces.  If you don't have shoe laces, you can dip one end of a piece of yarn in glue.  It will dry hard and easily thread through the holes.  I also tied a wooden ball on one of the ends to prevent the shoelace from being pulled through the first hole.  I tried to make my own decoupage glue by combining glue and water but it didn't seal the cards as well as Modpodge does.

I cut shapes out of the cards and positioned them on a piece of thin cardboard.  The thickness of a cereal box works well and is easy to punch holes through.  I made sure to allow enough space between the cutouts to create 1/4" of cardboard border for each lacing card.  

I used a paintbrush to spread an even coat of Modpodge on the back of the card.

I placed the card on the cardboard and coated the front with Modpodge.

Once the Modpodge completely dried, I cut out the cards leaving approximately 1/4" of cardboard around the shape.

I punched holes along the cardboard border.  I left about one inch between each hole since I was making the lacing cards for a three year old.  You can add more holes for older children.

I gave the lacing cards to my daughter and she enjoyed "sewing" just like her Nana.  Lacing cards help to promote hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and visual perception.  


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