Cardboard Collage

June 6, 2012

Don't throw out that box!  You can upcycle an old box to create an abstract cardboard collage. Our family worked on this project for days and the end result is very hip and edgy.


We removed all of the tape from our box and cut it into three large pieces.  We used one large piece as the "canvas." My daughter decorated it using chalk, crayon, oil pastel and paint.   


We cut one of the pieces into three large rectangles.  On one of them we used crayon and paint.  On another we did a wax resist with crayon and watercolor. It was interesting to observe how the paint was absorbed into the cardboard. And, there was such an interesting texture.


We created round prints using a wine corks and a toilet paper rolls over chalk on one of the large rectangles.


For the third large piece of cardboard, we cut it into many small jigsaw puzzles pieces.  

Bubble wrap made an fascinating print. 


It took us three days to decorate each piece of cardboard.  We enjoyed experimenting with different materials. Once we were finished, we arranged the pieces.  There were three layers of cardboard pieces.


Once we found an arrangement that we liked, we glued each piece of cardboard onto the larger piece


Who knew that recycled cardboard could be so interesting and beautiful? 


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