Nature Weaving

June 5, 2012

We went on a nature walk to collect items for our nature weaving.  We never pick leaves and flowers, instead we wait until they fall to the ground to use them in our projects.  We went to the beach after a storm and found beautiful leaves and flowers showering the ground. 


We collected leaves, branches, flowers and other items to "weave."  To complete the "loom", we gathered a piece of cardboard, some twine (ribbon or yarn would also work) and a pair of scissors.

I cut an 1/8" slit every inch or so on the top and bottom the cardboard. We used the back of  a sketch pad for this project.  I just approximated the alignment of the slits on the top and bottom, but you could be more precise by measuring them out with a ruler.

Leaving about an inch free at one end, I pulled the twine through the first slit on the bottom and over the front of the cardboard and through the top slit.  I wrapped the twine around the back and continue wrapping the twine through the other slits. I made sure not to pull the twine too taught since the edges began to bend.

I flipped the piece of cardboard over and pulled the twine diagonally across the loom and tied it to the other end.

Once the loom was complete, my daughter started weaving the leaves, sticks and flowers.  She practiced gently pulling them over and under the twine.  It was such a wonderful tactile activity.  It's amazing to feel the texture of each item. 

We think that autumn leaves would make a beautiful nature weaving!


As a variation on this project, my daughter used Christmas ribbon to make this gorgeous weaving.  Sophia was content to weave while I wrapped Christmas presents!


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