Leaf Printing

June 5, 2012

My daughter loves leaves.  During our nature walks while on vacation, she was completely awed by the different shapes and colors of the leaves around her. To further our nature study, we decided to make leaf prints.


We walked around and collected leaves that had fallen from the trees.

We painted the veiny side of each leaf with washable paints. We found a large piece of cardboard to work on because this process can get very messy.


We pressed the leaf down on thick watercolor paper.  We "carefully" removed the leaf to discover a beautiful (and sometimes blurred) print.  It was challenging for Sophia to control her arm movements as she lifted the leaf from the paper.  As a result, this activity develops fine and gross motor skills.  We made prints with all the leaves. After a while the piece became quite abstract.  The process of this tactile activity was amazing and we cannot wait to make more leaf prints this autumn.


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