Inspiration Journal

June 5, 2012

My daughter loves to paint.  While traveling, creating art becomes a bit tricky since it's difficult to bring supplies with us. We created a simple inspiration journal that has paint dried on each sheet. All we need is a brush and some water and we can paint while on the go.  For this project we collected 10 sheets of watercolor paper from a pad without holes/spirals, a hole punch, a bit of twine, a wine cork and washable paints.


I first created holes in each piece of paper that would allow me to later bind them together.  I hole punched the center of one piece of paper.  Then, I used that hole as a reference point for the other holes. I placed 2-3 pieces of paper behind the first hole punch and aligned the hole puncher to punch more holes. 


I used a wine cork to make paint swirls on each sheet of paper.  Bottle caps would work as well.

I filled a palette with six different paint colors.  I dipped the cork into the paint and stamped a generous amount in three areas on each sheet.  Then, I washed the cork off and did the same for the other five colors creating three rows of paints on each piece of paper.

I allowed the paint to dry.

When the paint was dry, I pulled a piece of twine through each hole and created a bow to bind the sheets together.

We went to the beach and used water from the ocean to create our paintings.

Tomorrow, we plan to take our inspiration journal on a hike.  The possibilities for inspiration are endless!


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