Dream Sticks

June 4, 2012


Sometimes, my daughter and I make a plan for our nature walks such as collecting leaves, looking for early signs of spring or trying to spot birds.  Other times, we just set out without any intention.  Each and every time, we come home from our walks completely inspired and refreshed.  On this particular walk, we were surprised to see this endangered Auku'u. What a lucky sighting!


Sophia enjoyed collecting and playing with fallen branches.

We decided to take them home and paint them.

We used water based paint and oil pastels.  

Once the sticks were dry, I sprayed them with a non-toxic sealer.  We bundled them up and gave them to Sophia's uncle as a present.  When he asked her what they were, she told him, "Dream Sticks!" He plans to decorate his garden with them.  How lovely!


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