Clothespin Dolls

June 1, 2012


These peg dolls do not have facial expressions.  This allows my daughter the chance to strengthen her imagination without being restricted by a permanent expression.  To make these dolls, gather wooden pegs, fabric, a pair of scissors (I used pinking sheers), markers, a hot glue gun and a safe wood sealer.

First, draw the hair.  Make sure that the face aligns with the feet.  I made a few dolls that looked as if their heads were twisted.  I used a water-based marker since I knew that I would seal them at the end.

Draw some shoes.  I drew ballet slippers since Sophia is very interested in dance.  If you are going to seal the dolls, do so before adding the material.

Cut out a piece of material that will wrap around the the wooden peg with a bit of overlap.  I used pinking sheers to limit the amount of fraying on the material.  Squeeze a line of glue on the left side of a piece of material that is face down.

Place the fabric on the back right side of the wooden peg.

Add a strip of glue on the other side of the material.

Roll until the fabric is wrapped completely around the doll .

Find a container for your dolls.  I used a small box and made a sheet for them. Sophia loves putting them to sleep after they've been dancing.


Wouldn't a set of marching band peg dolls be fun?


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