The Early Bird Catches the Worm

May 27, 2012

My daughter had no idea that she was strengthening her pincer skills with this fun activity.  She simply thought that she was feeding a bird some worms.  This activity is easily stored in a resealable plastic bag.  We take ours to dinner with us and play while we wait for our food to be brought to the table.

For this activity, I gathered a clothespin, colorful pipe cleaners, a pair of scissors, a small container, and a piece of felt.

I cut the pipe cleaners into ten pieces approximately 2.5 inches long.  I wrapped each piece around my index finger and then gently pulled each piece at both ends to make a squiggly worm.

I cut a piece of green felt to look like a tuft of grass.  Cutting the felt is completely optional.  A piece of paper would work just as well.

I scattered the worms on the tuft of grass and had Sophia pick-up each worm with the clothespin "bird" and place them in a small basket.  She practiced her numbers by counting each "worm" that she dropped into the "nest."

By opening and closing the clothespin "bird" to pick up pipe cleaner "worms," Sophia was working those small muscles in her fingers that she'll need for holding and writing with a pencil. 


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