Pine Branch Snowflake Prints

Dec 20, 2012

Grab a snippet of your Christmas tree or wreath to make a snowflake pine branch print.  


Sophia dipped the tip of her pine branch in white paint.


She stamped the pine branch on the paper.


I had her twist her wrist and stamp again.


Then, I stamped the pine branch a third time to get the snowflake effect.


My daughter and I filled a page of construction paper with snowflakes.


At one point she started stamping the whole page.  Instead of snowflakes, it looked like a blizzard.


We made snowflakes on different colored sheets of construction paper.


Stamping is great for developing dexterity since it takes quite a bit of skill as well as concentration to control the hand and wrist.  


We used the paper to wrap small gifts.  My daughter helped me to tear the tape for the presents.


We will give these gifts away to friends, but I wrapped up a small box for Sophia to open.  Opening gifts is another fun way to develop fine motor skills.


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